About Polish Furniture Group

  • New technologies in the furniture industry are a strategic factor in the development of the whole group, as well as a part of the external offer aimed at other subjects, both from the industry and outside of the furniture sector.
  • 20 years of experience in the furniture industry.
  • Over 1.000 customers and 12.000 completed projects.
  • Innovative products which represent – or are even ahead of – the latest global trends.
  • Networking – cooperation with architects and subcontractors.
  • Excellent production capacity.


Polish manufacturer of high quality furniture for offices, hotels, shops and others.

A concept of innovative office furniture, going beyond human imagination.

Designer and ergonomic office chairs which offer the highest level of comfort, addressing health issues related to work in front of the computer screen.

A brand of wall coverings and wall decorations, made of such materials as veneer, MDF, laminate, solid wood.

Providing high-quality, interactive 3D solutions for the needs of mobile, stationery and VR devices, as well as 3D modeling.

For over 70 years OSM has been designing and producing high quality home, kitchen and office furniture. Thanks to unique, multistage quality control system - OFM Production System, the company is able to provide the highest quality and repeatability of the production.


We are convinced that people are the greatest strength of our company. Their expertise, experience and engagement allow us to achieve even the most ambitious goals, while working in a friendly, family-like atmosphere. Our team consists of people who have worked in the company from the very beginning. They are supported by sector specialists who have gained their experience in such brands as Klose, Maro, Balma, or Paged. Our managers originated their experience in McKinsey, Kulczyk Tradex, eSmoking World, EY, Żabka Polska, Alior Bank, Roland Berger, and MSL Group.


  • Polishness and international promotion of Polish brands
  • Staff with sector and interdisciplinary experience
  • Both external and internal relations as an important factor in the development of Polish Furniture Group
  • Top quality, which is always our main goal
  • Innovation as the key element in the development of all our brands

Our customers


Office space – GiB Meble

Furnishing the headquarters of GiB Meble, including the manager’s office, conference room, office rooms, and customer service space. We furnished the office with 2013 manager’s desk, VQ chest of drawers, PURE table and BASIC wall coverings. All the furniture was covered in American walnut veneer. The office room was furnished with a Californian nut double desk and chests of drawers. The customer service office space was arranged and furnished according to a custom-made project. The conference room was furnished with a custom-made conference table, equipped with hidden multimedia ports. The walls and the ceiling were equipped with BASIC panels.

The Palazzin Hotel in Malta

Made in cooperation with the local partner Vivendo Ltd., included the equipment of 30 hotel rooms.
The headboards, desks, bedside cabinets, wardrobes, mini bars and luggage racks were made and delivered to the hotel. All furniture was produced in a white pine decor.

Bizuu – boutique

Furnishing the Bizuu boutique in Renoma Shopping Center in Wrocław. The project included custom-made furniture, such as shelves, poufs, and mirrors. The furniture was covered in white, matt lacquer, with copper-colored details. A partition wall made of glass with copper-colored elements, separating the fitting room from the rest of the shop, was also a part of the project. We also created a copper-colored, geometric-shaped metal shelf.

Office equipment – Meblohand

A project for an online furniture shop – Meblohand. The project involved the reception and customer service space, the management’s office, and wall coverings. The reception and the customer service space were custom-made using white-lacquered MDF. The management office was equipped with HEX wall panels, covered in varnished American walnut verneer, completed with the customer’s logo made of the same veneer, BASIC panels made of black HPL laminate, and a custom-made, American walnut veneer table. The last room was decorated with panels with secret doors and plant pots with lockers, covered in mirror laminate.

Luxurious office space – Luxury Concept World

A project for Luxury Concept World in the OVO office building in Wrocław. A concept of elegant office decorated in white shades with steel elements, was designed by Innovattio design office. We furnished the manager’s office, conference room, office space, restroom and kitchenette. The central point of the conference room was a white matt table. The manager’s office and the office space were equipped with shelves, chests of drawers and wardrobes. The bathroom was furnished with wardrobes, secret doors, a washbasin top, and mirrors.

Chill-out zone – office building

The project involved complex furnishing of an office building’s chill-out zone. The project incorporated standard products, such as RAZOR and PURE tables, poufs, HEX veneer panels, and TEFLON panels. Moreover, for the purpose of this project, we custom-designed sofas, lamps, floor lighting, shelves and a backlit bar. The project also involved designing the floor, for which we used Walton floor-coverings made by Forbo Flooring. In cooperation with Green Arte, we made a “green wall” with natural plants, which completed the project.

The executive board’s offices – Pfleiderer

Furnishing the board of directors’ offices of PFLEIDERER, which is a leading company in the production of furniture boards and HPL in Europe. Our work involved the delivery and installation of office, reception, conference, and staff furniture, as well as secret door and wall panels. The project incorporated the following furniture systems: a custom-made reception desk, CUBIC reception desk, 2013 desks, X100, SK X100 conference tables, as well as BRYT coffee tables. We also created custom-made office wardrobes, a metal bookcase, and plant pots.